Character Creation with Artificial Intelligence

Character Creation with Artificial Intelligence

Whilst creating, we have been thinking a lot about what features we can include to give the best possible experience when writing adult content. Being able to create porn plots, environments and characters were the most logical of features to include and today I want to talk a bit more about our character creator and how this is going to work.

You might be wondering what the character creator is. In the Talk Dirty dashboard, you will be able to create characters and save them to your account. This starts with looking through our ever expanding library of human photos generated with artificial intelligence until you see one you like, when you click on this image, you will then be able to press a button to have the AI generate a name for the character, a profession and also a backstory. You can edit this if you wanted to write your own or touch up any of the AI suggestions.

Once you are happy with the way that the character is described, you can save them to your account. They are stored for you unless you want to delete them. The magic then starts when you create a new document. At this point, you will be able to choose the characters of your story and we will store those selections into the memory so that the AI will know who is involved in the scenario. Similarly, you will be able to choose an environment and a porn concept if you wish to do so.

The fun of adult writing with artificial intelligence is simply not knowing what is going to come next. You can set up everything in terms of background so that the AI has the best chance of surprising you and giving you a truly aweome output that you can then builld upon or keep hitting that write for me button so TalkDirty continues the story for as long as you want.

There will be no limits on the amount of characters that you can save to your account and we can't wait to see what you create. For those following our journey - our beta is likely to open up this week with a full launch set for shortly afterwards. If you are interested, please sign up for access.