Why build Talk Dirty?

Why build Talk Dirty?

Like any new product you bring into existence, it is important to understand why you are building it and what the aim of the product is. Artificial intelligence technology is getting incredible. It is my strong belief that this is the decade where we will see the most advances in A.I. and the possibilities of using that technology to make our lives easier are everywhere to be seen.

Having artificial intelligence act as a writing assistance is where we are currently with the technology. Skynet won't be happening anytime soon and if you are a bad writer and use A.I. you will still get bad outputs. Sorry to be the bearer of truth there. However, if you are a skilled wordsmith and want to use the technology to make your work more efficient, higher quality and get a better output. This technology is wonderful.

There is nothing focusing on the adult segment of the market at current. This is a very popular part of writing and we wanted to create a tool that can be used for writing adult content, R-rated content, unfiltered content, erotica, sexual fantasy and graphic content. We are adults, this shouldn't be a taboo and fellow adults should be able to create content for an adult audience. Our terms will be clear and you will mostly be able to create what you want except if you break the law. If we find that, we will come down hard.

What can I make?

For us it is about democratizing adult content and bringing it to a wider audience. Making the whole process easier from the initial conception of an idea to actually writing a long form story. It need not be difficult and you need not stare at a blank page. Talk Dirty aims to help you be more productive, get more done and write without fear. These topics are super fun to experiment with and we can't wait to see what our audience creates.

Long form content is something we find very important to get right. By giving you models to brainstorm ideas, get concepts together and then plan out outlines, you can then start to envisage the universe of your characters and let your imagination run wild.

“The World's first R-Rated content creator enabling you to experiment with different ideas and concepts.”

Audio Technology

A big part of our plan enables you to have your creations transformed into useful audio files. You can create your own podcast with this audo, you can put up videos on Youtube, you can sell Audiobooks, we're again very excited to see what is created.

The technology of audio has really come on a lot. The new advances in audio technology brought about by WaveNet mean that text-to-speech has never sounded more real. Our highly trained audio technicians will work their magic on giving you back your content in a way you can experience like never before. You won't be disappointed in what they can do to bring your words to life.‍

Launching in July 2021

This journey is progressing rapidly and we're excited to share this website with you. We'll be opening up our platform first of all to our beta users. If you want to do that, please follow the links on the site to signup today. This is a way to give us feedback whilst we polish our user experience.

The beta will run for a limited time and then we'll be offering subscription models to our service. Whether you are a casual author who is just looking to have some fun with this technology or a professional author with a heavy workload, we have options to suit you all.

The journey with Talk Dirty is just starting but we're excited to see where we end up. This is a professional product for adults to enjoy and create. We're very much excited by the possibilities and vision that we have for this and hope you can join us on this journey as we continue to grow.